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Karla/ 20/ New York.


sough (v.) to moan, to rustle, to sigh;
           (n.) the gentle, soothing murmur of wind or water
dirl (v.) to thrill, to vibrate, to penetrate; to tremble or quiver 
effleurage (v.) “to stroke as one would a flower”
                 (n.) a series of light stroking touches
cafuné (v.) running your fingers through your lover’s hair
cataglottism (n.) kissing with tongue

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the only people who can say they have a ‘star sign’ is leo, because they are the only sign ruled by a star and not a planet, the rest of us have signs, yes leos are the stars of the solar system and the heart, the centre of it too

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2011, my big, beautiful Sunflower garden

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“He was so desperately in love with Winona, that when they broke up, he wouldn’t admit it was over for the longest time.” - Tim Burton

I love love love them

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the goal is to love myself so much it offends other people


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You used to curse
the girls with
graveyard mouthes
that you swore kept you.
But we are not sleeping
in your burial plots anymore.
We are not here to be your ghost.
Your excuse. Your noose.
We are not here
for you.

Your Excuses | Lora Mathis (via lora-mathis)

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What’s been happenin in your world?
What have you been up to?
I heard that you fell in love
I need to know
I gotta tell you the truth

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Stevie Nicks style inspiration.

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You will fall in love with train rides, and sooner or later you will realize that nowhere seems like home anymore.

— Shinji Moon (via organicafe)

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Inner deats.

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Norwegian forest cat chasing a fox

Look at these majestic idiots

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